Young Boy Dies in a Backover Accident in Michigan
Posted 04/04/2017

Young Boy Dies in a Backover Accident in Michigan

A 5-Year-old boy was killed in a backover accident Friday evening in Michigan.

The accident occurred around 6 p.m. in the 19000 block of South Chapin Road in Saginaw County.

The little boy was playing in his own front yard when a Buick Rendezvous backed into him.

He was transported to a hospital in Lansing, but was later pronounced dead.

It is unclear if the Buick driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Police hope this incident can serve as a warning to other parents in the future.

Approximately, 39% of backover accidents occur in residential areas. With the weather warming up, more children will be out playing around the residential streets. Be extra cautious when backing up your vehicle, especially in areas where children will be out playing on the sidewalks.

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