Using Satellite Navigation Shuts off Parts of Brain
Posted 03/23/2017

Using Satellite Navigation Shuts off Parts of Brain

New research from the University College London suggests that using satellite navigation or satnav technology shuts off certain parts of the brain. In the experiment, researchers conducted brain scans on two groups of people — those using satellite navigation in a driving simulation and those not using navigation.

When manually navigated, brain activity spiked. In comparison, no brain activity was picked up by the scans amongst the satnav (satellite navigation) users. Thus, researchers concluded when you have a device directing you where to go, your brain no longer holds any interest in the streets around you.

It is unclear whether the brain’s reaction to satellite navigation usage affects alertness or traffic accidents. But anything that causes a driver to pay attention to their screen instead of the road heightens the potential to create accidents.

The research behind distracted driving is relatively new. But over the last decade, Bergener Mirejovsky has seen a large increase in people suffering injuries caused by distracted drivers.

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