Uber Suspends Self-Driving Pilot Program After Accident in Arizona
Posted 03/27/2017

Uber Suspends Self-Driving Pilot Program After Accident in Arizona

Uber suspended its self-driving pilot program after an accident in Arizona Saturday.

The collision occurred when the driver of a second vehicle “failed to yield” to the Volvo SUV Uber vehicle while making a turn. The impact caused the driverless vehicle to roll over onto its side. The other two cars involved were slightly damaged.

Despite no bodily damage, Uber suspended its self-driving car program in Arizona, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

The company started the program in Pittsburgh last year. With the initial launch, the driverless cars “require human intervention in many conditions, including bad weather.”

This recent Uber incident drew more attention to the potential problems the company may be facing.

The accident comes only a couple of days after Uber’s CEO, Jeff Jones, stepped down from his position.

Before this executive change, Uber had relocated their testing ground from California to Arizona. Uber faced immediate backlash after it launched autonomous vehicle testing in San Francisco without a permit in December. The company rejected California’s driverless vehicle test permit offer and relocated to Arizona instead.

Some of these changes, along with the recent driverless vehicle accident, sparked controversy over Uber’s potential internal problems.

As of now, the fate of Uber’s self-driving pilot program is still pending.

While there are some vehicles on the road that include autonomous features, a full driverless vehicle is still in its test phase. In California, 27 companies are perfecting the self-driving feature to maximize its safeness.

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