The Sky is Falling: Drone Injuries
Posted 05/10/2017

The Sky is Falling: Drone Injuries

Widespread distribution and the use of drones has opened the doors to a whole new way of viewing the world—an army of “eyes in the sky”, so to speak. Unfortunately, when in the hands of an inexperienced or negligent pilot, what should be a fun and innovative pastime can quickly turn into a personal injury claim.

What is a Drone?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines a drone, or unmanned aircraft, as an aircraft that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft.

All drones are subject to registration via the FAA website, and must abide by such regulations as includes:

• Flying at or below 400 feet• Never flying over groups of people
• Keeping drone within line of sight• Never flying under while      


What are the Risks of Drone Misuse?

Although the FAA’s regulations serve as a preemptive measure to deter drone injuries, accidents still happen. Incidents like these can land an innocent person in the hospital, and the negligent party can be held liable for a personal injury claim even though the drone is an unmanned aircraft. It’s important to know you have a voice in all of this.

A few of the dominant injuries that can be caused by unsafe drone piloting includes: 

• Eye injuries• Penetration injuries
• Scratches• Lacerations
• Hand injuries• Blunt force trauma

To offset the potential for personal injury, some drone models are outfitted with protective blades and rotor guards. Sense and Avoid sensors are equipped to detect surroundings and decrease the likelihood of a drone colliding with a person, or any obstacles that might lead to a free-fall on individuals below.

However, these safeguards apply disproportionately, especially among high-end expensive models. Troubling, when considering that more severe drone accidents, such as blunt force trauma, can lead to serious neck injuries. It can even prove fatal.

Drone-Pedestrian Collisions

When a drone wanders too far and loses connection with the piloting controller, it is common for a drone to simply descend and land wherever it might be. This can be problematic if the drone happens to land in a populated area and onto a person.

In any situation where you are struck by a drone, whether in-flight or during a free-fall, you may have a claim.

Your fight, our fight

If you’re injured because of drone misuse or malfunction, you shouldn’t have to pay physically and financially because of another’s negligence. Let Bergener Mirejovsky do all the heavy lifting. Our dedicated team of personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for an injury you didn’t cause. Call 1-800-881-2026 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a free case evaluation.