Prepare for Takeoff — Inflight Airline Injuries
Posted 05/10/2017

Prepare for Takeoff — Inflight Airline Injuries

When you travel with a common carrier airline, you put your safety into the hands of strangers trained to care for you during transit. These attendants are present to ensure your trip is as fluid as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for mistakes to happen in-flight, leading to unforeseen injuries. If you suffer an accident while under the care of an airline, whether pre- or in-flight, you may have a personal injury claim.

Facets of Airline Culpability

Responsibility for any pre- or in-flight injuries you sustain begins the moment you begin boarding the plane. At that point, you are under the care of the flight attendants who have been appointed by the airline to enforce the company safety guidelines and protocols.

Areas in which an airline may be held liable should you become injured include:

• Forceful ejection• Physical altercations
• Unsecured food carts• Hard landing
• Inadequately trained attendants• Loose bins
• Runway fender-benders• Scattered luggage

In some cases, an airline cannot be held accountable for situations regarded as “acts of god.” This can include sudden weather changes, bird strikes, or even turbulence. Furthermore, an airline is not responsible if its crew was able to predict any of the aforementioned, and took steps to mitigate an injury.

However, if the pilot or the flight crew were aware of an incoming turbulence and failed to notify you to fasten your seatbelt, and implement adequate safeguards to protect you from an injury, you may have an accident claim.

How Do I Open a Personal Injury Claim?

Pursuing a personal injury claim for an in-flight injury can be difficult. Common injuries, as a result of turbulence and hard landings, are often chalked up by the airline as coming with the territory. An insurance adjuster may even take your claim and point to past injuries as the real cause.

In order to strengthen your claim, make sure you:

  • Have records of consistent medical treatment following the accident
  • Photo or video evidence of the incident
  • Incident report detailing what caused the injury

Let Us Help

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