According to a toxicology report released by the California Highway Patrol this Wednesday, the big-rig driver who caused terrifying accident in Santa Barbara County on January 12 was on drugs. Truck driver Charles A. Allison from Grover Beach was under the influence of amphetamine and methamphetamine when he rearended a sedan on a bridge of the northbound 101 near Buellton.

The big-rig truck crashed through the bridge and fell 100 into the creek bed below. Allison was killed in the impact and fire that followed. The sedan with Kelli Groves and her two daughters ages 10 years and 10 weeks was left teetering on the edge of the bridge. They were trapped in the car for an hour while rescue teams brought in a US Navy SEEBEE heavy forklift to stabilize the vehicle.

Ms Groves and her daughters were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Mother and ten year old daughter suffered major injuries. Ms Groves 10 week old daughter suffered minor injuries but was described by rescue personnel as conscious and alert after the accident. Thankfully the whole family is back home in San Juan Capistrano recovering from their injuries.

The negligence of truck driver Charles A. Allison is reprehensible. Operating any vehicle under the influence of illegal drugs shows heinous disregard for the safety of others. This offense is magnified when the vehicle is a big rig truck, whose great size and weight makes any collision extremely dangerous for the people involved. If you see any drivers behaving or driving erratically, please call 9-1-1. Be sure to keep your distance from the vehicle, taking a different route if possible.

Our thoughts are with the Groves family, and wishing them all a speedy recovery.

Here is our original post on the story.

A San Juan Capistrano mother and her two daughters were left precariously teetering on the edge of a bridge after their car was rear-ended by a gravel truck. The collision occurred Thursday afternoon on the 101 in Buellton, north of Santa Barbara.

After rear-ending the car driven by Ms Kelli Groves, the big rig truck drove off the bridge plunging into the creek below. The BMW struck the bridge railing, and teetered over the 100-foot drop. Ms Groves and her two young daughters ages ten and ten months were trapped inside. It took emergency personnel an hour to extricate the family from the wreckage. A US Navy SEEBEE heavy forklift was used to stabilize the wreckage while the Fire crews worked.

The family was transported to a nearby hospital. The truck driver passed away in the crash.

We hope that the family is recovering well from any injuries. Accidents involving trucks and big rigs are often very serious for the parties in the smaller vehicle. Trucks that large have a harder time braking and have a much slower response time to road hazards. To compensate, drivers are instructed to maintain a safe distance between the car in front of them.

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