Bicycle Maintenance: Accident Prevention

Whether you are a road cyclists or a mountain biker, your bicycle will inevitable come into contact with mud, grime and other abrasive materials that will speed up the deterioration of your ride.

Bicycle Accident Prevention

Bicycle maintenance can seem intimidating, but by incorporating a few simple steps in your riding routine you will greatly improve the performance and safety of your bike.

At Bergener Mirejovsky, we are committed to bike safety awareness. Several members of our team are seasoned cyclists and mountain bikers who advocate accident prevention. They have helped put together this list.

  1. Clean: Dirt and grime gums up your bike and will make bike maintenance difficult. Knocking off caked on dirt and debris should be the first step in your bike care routine. You should remove the rest of the muck with a rag and warm water. Resist the urge to hose down your bike, it may damage sensitive bearings.
  2. Examine: Now that your bike is clean, you can catch small problems before they become serious. Noticing a wobbly wheel, fraying cables, and deep kinks in hydraulic brake hoses early may prevent an accident or more extensive repair. Make sure your lights are in working order.
  3. Lubricate: Check to see if your bike chain is dry. If it is, lubricate it with oil or grease recommended by your local bike shop. Keeping your bike properly lubricated will protect moving parts of your bike from excessive wear and corrosion.
  4. Tire Pressure: Give your tires a quick squeeze. Low tire pressure will not only hurt the performance of your bike, but can lead to rim, tube, and tire damage.
  5. Store Properly: The way you store your bike will have a big impact on the potential wear and tear. Ideally, keep your bike somewhere that is dry and away from direct sunlight such as your garage.

This list may be obvious, but each step should be a regular part of your bicycle riding routine. We want your bike to be in pristine condition every time you go out and ride. This will enable you to respond to road hazards quickly and effectively.

For more information, visit the bicycle accident page on our website. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, call us today for a completely free consultation at 1-800-881-2021.

San Diego Man Killed in Drunk Driving Accident on Route 94

A 60-year-old San Diego man was killed in a single-vehicle crash on Route 94 late Friday night. The driver of the Volvo 850 sedan was incarcerated following the crash on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving.

The driver struck a curb and two trees along the highway, after making an unsafe maneuver to the right while traveling at a high rate of speed, reported a CHP dispatcher.

CHP and San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that the car’s restrained passenger died at the scene due to fatal injuries sustained in the crash.

Although authorities have not confirmed the cause of the crash, a CHP dispatcher said the driver was arrested after the crash on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence.

Drunk drivers pose a danger to the passengers in their car as well as everyone in proximity to the road. Whether intoxicated or driving distracted, there is never an excuse for endangering the lives of other people. It is important for victims of negligent drivers to understand their rights in order to start their road to recovery.

At Bergener Mirejovsky, our personal injury attorneys understand the financial and emotional toll the loss of a loved one has on a family. We have dedicated ourselves to helping the victims of negligent drivers understand their rights and options moving forward.

If you or a loved one have been injured or experienced a loss as a result of a negligent driver, call 1-800-881-2021 to speak with an attorney. Consultations are always free and we are happy to inform you of your options after an injury 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kids Can Be Dangerous Source of Distracted Driving for Parents

Distracted driving has been getting a lot of media attention recently. And with good reason. In many respects, driving distracted can be even more of a problem than driving drunk. In 2011 twice as many accidents were caused by distracted drivers than by alcohol.

Children Distracted DrivingNormally, when we talk about distracted driving, the conversation tends to focus on text messages, talking on the phone, and dealing with other new and complex technologies.

This is appropriate and the division of a driver’s attention caused by phones and electronics is a dangerous trend that must be taken seriously.

Considerably less time, however, is spent discussing the role children can play in diverting the attention of a driver from the road.

This is unfortunate because it means that parents, by paying attention to their kids, are actually putting those children in serious danger.

Particularly disturbing is an Australian study which determined that kids are 12 times more distracting to drivers than talking on the phone. Fussing with a child’s toys, or picking a bag of snacks off the floor is not worth risking a traffic accident and potentially serious injuries.

Other findings of the study are of equal cause for concern. In a 16 minute trip, the average parent spends three minutes and 22 seconds not watching the road. Men are distracted by their children even more than women, taking their eyes off the road more frequently and for longer periods of time than women.

New mothers are especially distracted. This distraction is coupled with the fatigue new mothers experience (sleeping an average of less than five-and-a-half hours per night). In light of this, it’s not surprising that ten percent of new moms have had an accident while driving their baby. This is almost three times the normal accident rate.

Feeling the desire to safeguard your children is easy. But knowing how to do it is sometimes a little trickier. At Bergener & Associates we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you keep your loved ones out of harms way and combat distracted driving:

  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times. We know it’s tempting to spend time watching young kids in the back seat, but the greatest dangers to them aren’t inside the car, they’re on the road.
  • Don’t use your phone. Download an app such as iZUP or FleetSafer which will automatically reply to calls and texts, telling the recipient that you are driving and will get back to them when you reach your destination.
  • Set up rules for the car. Make sure your kids know that while you are behind the wheel, driving is all you can do.
  • If you must tend to your baby or small child, pull over. Adding a few minutes to your trip is worth avoiding an accident.

As accident lawyers, we regularly see the sobering effects that distracted driving can cause to you and your loved ones. If you have been injured due to a distracted or otherwise negligent driver you deserve to be taken care of.

Our personal injury attorneys can do the heavy lifting and make certain you get fair compensation so that you can focus on what’s most important, your recovery. Call us at 1-800-881-2021 for a free consultation. Our accident lawyers can help you determine if you have a case and assist you in understanding your rights.