Tanker Truck Ignites Inferno on 710 Freeway in Bell

Sunday afternoon April 26, a tanker truck crash ignited an inferno on southbound side of 710 freeway in Bell that kept lanes closed all the way into the next morning.

The truck accident occurred around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday near Florence Avenue. The driver heard a loud pop as he was merging onto the freeway. He began slowing down and pulled over to the right shoulder, but the trailer of the truck had already overturned and was being dragged over.

The tanker truck was carrying about 8,500 gallons of gasoline when it ignited an inferno.

It took about an hour for fire fighters to extinguish the flames. Because there were no water sources nearby the southbound lanes, fire fighters had to extend a water line across the northbound side resulting in closure of all northbound and southbound lanes of the 710 Freeway.

The northbound lanes were opened around 9 p.m. Sunday evening and Caltrans official are hoping to reopen two southbound lanes by 3 p.m. on Monday.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.

tanker truck ignites inferno

Widow Sues Southwest for Mishandling Medical Emergency

On Monday April 20, a woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Southwest Airlines for mistaking her husband’s medical emergency for unruly behavior aboard a California and did nothing to help him.

The passenger, 46, was on board a flight from Oakland to Orange County last year when he was found unconscious after the flight. The next day the passenger died at a hospital due to a blood clot.

The victim’s wife, Kelly Ilczyszyn, who is also a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, claims that the flight attendants working on the flight were negligent by mishandling the medical emergency and instead considering it as unruly behavior.

Southwest Airlines claims that the flight attendants acted “appropriately and professionally”. Nevertheless, the victim’s wife begs to differ and feels the actions of the flight attendants were unjustifiable.

Accordingly to the lawsuit, the victim ran to the bathroom ten minutes before the flight was supposed to land and after the plane had landed flight attendants had explained the passenger had barricaded himself in the bathroom.

Orange County Sheriff’s officials boarded the plane after it landed and waited for all other passengers to leave and which took about 30 minutes. During that time, the victim became unconscious and was transported to the hospital.

Doctor’s determined that the victim was deprived of oxygen to his brain for about 33 minutes while on board the flight.

The question remains, could the flight attendants have acted differently and been able to save the life of the passenger?

Driver Crashes into Light Pole Following Collision in South L.A.

Early Tuesday morning of April 21st Southern California Edison workers were called to the Florence-Firestone area after reports that a driver crashed into a light pole.

The collision occurred around 7 a.m. at the intersection of Firestone and Miramonte bouelvard when a car crashed into a light pole following collision with another vehicle.

Fortunately, the driver was found unharmed, outside his vehicle of his silver two-door car.

Two westbound lanes were closed on Firestone Boulevard while officials waited for a crew from Southern California Edison to come help remove the downed pole.

Initially, the crash was reported by CHP officers as an injury crash but investigators on the scene have determined all parties involved in the collision were uninjured.crashes into light pole