Two High School Students Killed in Wilmington Car Accident

A brother and sister have been killed and two other Banning high school students injured in a high-speed crash in Wilmington on Thursday afternoon. Los Angeles Police Officers investigating the crash believe the car may have been racing. The incident occurred just after 3:00 p.m. on West Pacific Coast Highway.

The students were in a Honda Civic traveling westbound in an eastbound lane when it crashed head-on into a van. Witnesses say there was a pick-up truck also driving against traffic. That vehicle fled the scene. Officers are trying to identify the driver in order to get more information about the car accident.

The driver of the van and the two injured students were transported to nearby hospitals. One of the teenagers underwent surgery. The siblings were declared dead at the scene.

Tragically, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. Reckless  and distracted driving are even more dangerous when combined with inexperience behind the wheel. Teens and young adults often believe they are invincible, which can lead to deliberate risk-taking or thrill-seeking. This accident is an example of a preventable tragedy. Reckless behavior can endanger everyone in the vicinity.

Our thoughts are with all of the victims of the crash and their families and friends.

If you have teenagers at home, speak to them about being cautious and respectful drivers. Good practice behind the wheel will keep them, their friends, and everyone else a little safer on the road.

One Killed in Fresno Four-Truck Pileup

Best Truck Accident Attorney in FresnoThe northbound lanes of Highway 41 were closed Wednesday morning after a fatal four-truck accident south of Fresno. 

The driver of a Foster Farms truck carrying turkeys pulled to the side of the highway and was standing outside of his vehicle, when he was rear-ended by a tanker truck around 3:00 a.m. 

The turkey truck driver was pinned under one of his truck tires. He was transported to Community Regional Medical Center, but shortly succumbed to his injuries.

A pickup truck and second Foster Farms truck carrying chickens collided into the tanker truck. The driver of the tanker truck is being treated for major injuries and the driver of the pickup truck suffered minor injuries. The second Foster Farms truck driver was able to drive away from the accident.

Police are investigating if foggy weather contributed to the accident. The weather service has issued several dense fog advisories in Fresno County this month. Fog has been a major factor in several San Joaquin Valley car accidents, including a Stockton crash that killed five men two weeks ago.

Foggy conditions impairs a driver’s visibility, so it isn’t a surprise that fog is a major contributor to multi-car pileups. Dense fog also gives the perception that you’re driving slower than you are. Many people speed up in the fog and can’t respond fast enough to other cars and road hazards. It is all of our responsibility to adapt our driving behavior and slow down in poor weather conditions.


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