Two Pedestrians Killed One Injured in Chatsworth Street Race

Chatsworth_Street_Racing_AccidentTwo pedestrians were killed and one was seriously injured watching a Chatsworth street race early Thursday morning.

LAPD believe a Mustang veered into a crowd of spectators on Plummer Street shortly after the start of the race, hitting three people and a utility pole. 

One man was pronounced dead at the scene and another died at a local hospital. A third man was transported to a hospital with serious injuries but is expected to survive.

The accident happened on a stretch on an isolated stretch of road in near the Chatsworth Business Park known for street racing. More than 60 people gathered to watch the pre-planned race; little information is known about the second car.

Authorities are searching for the driver identified as 21-year-old Henry Michael Gevorgyman. Gevorgyman abandoned his car after the accident and may face murder charges.

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident. Just in the last month two Banning high school students and a San Jose jogger were killed in suspected street racing accidents. 

Planned or not California’s vehicle code Section 23109 states that “speed contests” on California roadways are illegal. Street racing shows the upmost negligence and disregard for other people on the road.

No one should have to suffer through the pain of losing a loved one to a driver’s reckless behavior. At Bergener & Associates, we are painfully aware of the suffering the family of wrongful death victims experience. 

Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

Train Derails in Oxnard After Colliding With Truck

A Metrolink commuter train heading south to Los Angeles derailed in Oxnard after colliding with a truck Tuesday morning. The accident took place before 6:00 a.m., when it was still dark. Despite the lack of daylight, the conductor noticed the vehicle on the tracks ahead and attempted to brake the train.

Train_Accident_OxnardWhen a passenger train is traveling at 55 miles per hour, it requires over 200 feet to come to an emergency stop.

At least five train cars of Metrolink’s Ventura County Line derailed, with three cars on their side. At the time of this posting, almost 30 people have been reported as injured.

Four are suffering from critical injuries.

Thankfully, no fatalities are being reported at this time. The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Railroad Administration will be aiding local law enforcement in the investigation of the train accident.

The driver of the produce truck left the scene of the crash but was apprehended by police a short while later. He was not injured but taken to the hospital for observation. It is not yet clear why the driver blocked the tracks. At night it can be difficult to judge the speed and proximity of an approaching train. It is possible the truck driver simply thought he could make it through the intersection safely. Oxnard police have detained the man for questioning.

Train accidents are not as uncommon as some may think. In California there are still many crossing that are easy to traverse in a car even when a train is approaching. This can put many lives at risk.

Post updated 02/24/2014 at 12:06 p.m. Previous version stated that the truck driver had been arrested.

Two Drivers Seriously Injured in Sacramento Car Accident

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.32.20 AMTwo drivers have been taken to nearby hospitals with major injuries following a Sacramento car accident. The crash occurred in Natomas at the intersection of National Drive and N. Market Street early Monday morning.

According to witnesses, a driver of a sedan ran a red light, smashing into a pick-up truck. The force of the collision caused at least one of the vehicles to run into a traffic signal. The pick-up truck ended up on its side. Both vehicles were totaled, and the drivers sustained serious injuries.

At this time officers investigating the car accident do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved.

This Monday is President’s Day, and many people are off work. When traffic is lighter than usual, people can sometimes drive more recklessly. Running yellow – and red – lights can be very dangerous. It’s always better to come to a safe stop rather than trying to “make it.” The knee-jerk reaction to save some time can lead to an auto accident.

While tracking an intersection, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that on average one motorist drove through a red light every 20 minutes. This frequency went up during peak travel times. Although most drivers agree that running red lights is a dangerous practice, almost 10% of us has done so at least once in the last month.